Friday, May 25, 2012


Next week I'll be in Honduras for the day job. I was there back in March as well. As we toured areas north and west, ideas sparked.

I envisioned one of my Navy SEAL characters in the mountainous terrain, engaged in a dangerous mission to find an evil warlord. As our team trudged down steep mountain paths to interview villagers about their living conditions and what we could do to help, my mind clicked into overdrive.

Later that night in my hotel room, I jotted down those ideas. Buoyed by venturing into different terrain, my mind came up with all kinds of ideas.

Those ideas sparked into the book I'm now writing called The Phantom Wolf. Phantom is the next book in my new military series for Nocturne and features a secondary character from The Covert Wolf.

Sam "Shay" Shaymore is a Navy SEAL and an extremely powerful Mage who can shapeshift into a wolf. Shay and Kelly, the heroine, venture into a small village in Honduras overpowered by evil. There, they must rescue Mage children who have been kidnapped. 

This story has action, adventure and overtones of child trafficking, as well as the paranormal element.

It's definitely a trademark for me to always have a happy ending in every book I write. I's why I choose to write romance. I could write other types of fiction, but having worked in the field of humanitarian relief and development for nearly 19 years, I NEED a happy ending. And the elements of child trafficking in the book I'm writing? I wish I could say they were straight out of my imagination. They're not.

Child trafficking happens frequently in Haiti and Honduras and other countries I visit for work. It's a horrible reality. The organization I work for, and our partners, help as much as we can, but our work is diverse and the evil forces (they ARE evil, there is no other way to describe them) behind child trafficking are powerful. We do what we can. 

So to compensate for the misery I see, the sad stories I hear, I write issues like this into my books and resolve the situation. It's what makes writing paranormal romances so satisfying...and a much-needed escape for me.

I can't save every child in my work for the day job, but in my books, everything always turns out all right. It's why I enjoy being a romance author. During the day, I try hard to fight the dark forces of poverty and injustice. But at out... 

You never know when a big, powerful Navy SEAL shapeshifter will come charging through the jungle to set everything straight. 

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