Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pre-order The Shadow Wolf

Now available for pre-order on Amazon! Click here.

And here's some cool news... DARKNESS OF THE WOLF, my Nocturne Bite that was released in 2009, will be an added feature to this print book! Nice bonus!

In other book news, I've been informed that BITTEN BY THE VAMPIRE, the first short story in my trilogy of sexy Nocturne Cravings, will be released in October. It's due to be followed in November by MATED TO THE WOLF and in December by HUNTED BY THE JAGUAR.

All three Cravings are about three triplet sisters who are half-demon, half-angel. Ancient warriors, a vampire, a werewolf and a jaguar, are assigned to mate with them to tame their dark halves... or they will be forced to destroy them.

The Shadow Wolf
will be available on August 23. I've posted an excerpt below. Happy reading!

THE SHADOW WOLF. (copyright 2011 by Bonnie Vanak)

"The roar of a powerful motorcycle drew her attention to the hotel entrance. A man parked the Harley, drew off a black helmet and swung a muscled leg over the saddle. Megan’s heart raced. The rider’s face was permanently stamped into memory from the photos circulated among Shadows of their worst enemies.

Black liquid sloshed as she slammed down her coffee cup. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for oxygen. Gabriel Robichaux. Oh God. She’d walked straight into a trap.

Immobilized, she searched for an exit as he entered the garden’s stone pathway leading to the terrace. Megan looked around, desperate to escape, but it was too late. If they left now, surely he’d see them. She slid down her seat.

The power and raw charisma he exuded felt like a tornado as he ambled onto the terrace. Tight black leather pants hugged each inch of his rock hard thighs and taut buttocks. A Harley Davidson T-shirt and steel-toed scuffed boots gave him a dangerous air. Stubble shadowing his angular jaw contrasted with his classical good looks, like a biker with the face of an angel. Dark brown hair curled down to his wide shoulders. His mouth was sultry and mobile.

Four women sitting at a nearby table gave him the twice-over. If they only knew what exactly he was, they’d run away screaming. Draicon, like her. Only not like her. Not Shadow, outcast and shunned. He was an Enforcer, who returned escaped Shadow Wolves to their island prison. "

To read the entire excerpt, click here.


Tammys said...

Hey Bonnie! Just curious about the Nocturne Cravings line. Is it differently than Nocturne Bites? Thanks!

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hi Tammys. Yes, Cravings is supposed to be sexier and the stories are supposed to be longer. You can find the guidelines on Harlequin's website. I'll try to post the link here. Good luck!