Monday, February 07, 2011

A plane of starving children in Haiti

Leaving for Haiti tomorrow. I have to get up at 3 a.m. to catch the early flight. Gulp.

One thing on the agenda, we are returning to the area in the Artibonite region where the cholera outbreak first began. This photo is a graveyard with unmarked graves of some of the cholera victims.

A relative asked me this weekend what good I have accomplished in my 17+ years of helping Haiti's poor? Why do I keep working at this day job? The country looks like it's getting worse and worse.

I honestly had no real concrete answers. It's a question that haunts me each time I return from a trip. All I could say was that I have to keep trying. For every starving child I meet who ends up dying soon after I leave, there is a another who IS saved.

Someone, I forget whom, put it this way... the amount of children in this world who die from hunger equals nearly 200 plane crashes per day. Can you imagine 200 plane crashes a day? The media would crawl all over the story. Yet each day, airplanes filled with starving children crash all over the world and they die in silent suffering. We can't save them all. But we can save some.

Even one is worth the effort, isn't it? If you were the mother of that child, I know what your answer would be.

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