Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The story of Lady the Christmas dog

She was cold. Thin. Hungry. Her fur was matted, and she’d spent the night on the street, in a manure-filled pasture in Davie, Florida, shivering and afraid. The nice warm home, the dog bowl with food, the toys were all gone. Once she’d had a litter of puppies. They were gone, too.

Somehow she made it to the parking lot of a store. Christmas was in one week and many people busy with last minute shopping passed by. She wagged her tail, hoping for a little food, a little warmth and kindness, but no one wanted to get near the dog covered with manure.

A man in the pickup truck saw her, tossed her in the bed of his truck. She was friendly, wagging her tail. She bounced up and down and then THENICELADY saw her and asked the man in the truck where he was taking her. The man said to a shelter known as a high kill shelter. The NICELADY said she would die there. The man shrugged and thrust the dog at her. “Then you take her. She stinks.”

The NICELADY took her home, bathed her twice, tried to comb the mats out of her long, silky fur. Her tail was still a mess. She gave her food and hugs, a warm bed for two nights and called SOMEFRIENDS.

On Monday she went to the home of SOMEFRIENDS, women who rescued abandoned Yorkies. She settled in with the Yorkies, ran and played and listened to Christmas music and this pine tree that danced and sang when you barked at it.

Later, the BONNIEPERSON came and took her and brought her to the WARMHOUSE, which had a big Christmas tree and trains and lots of colorful decorations. She ran around the house, sniffed at the trains, and then the BONNIEPERSON opened a door and two Shih Tzu dogs, one bigger but with the same coloring, ran out. She sniffed them and ran away, afraid of COOKIE and DOLCE, and jumped into a rocking chair in the Florida room to get away.

When DOLCE came near, she growled at him. The BONNIEPERSON petted her and reassured her it would be okay. She snuggled into the BONNIEPERSON’s lap, a little afraid of DOLCE. Then she paced through the house, sniffing and examining it. There was a nice, soft couch and chairs and the BONNIEPERSON let her jump up on all of them. Then the FRANKPERSON came home and petted her and scratched her and talked to her. She liked the FRANKPERSON.

It was dinnertime and the FRANKPERSON was making something delicious that smelled like tomato sauce as he and the BONNIEPERSON talked. The BONNIEPERSON got dog food out of a green container and fed it to COOKIE and DOLCE. She hung around the kitchen, looking hopeful. She knew the kitchen, knew about good things to eat. The BONNIEPERSON gave her a bowl, but she didn’t like the smell and wouldn’t eat. Then the FRANKPERSON got a different can and the BONNIEPERSON said, “This is good for your digestion.”

It was good food and she gobbled it down. The BONNIEPERSON said, “You’re so thin, but don’t eat too much or you’ll get sick.”

After, the BONNIEPERSON went into a room and shut the door because of something called a NEWBOOKCONTRACT and a deadline. The FRANKPERSON cleaned up and gave her a dog biscuit. She buried it in the couch in the Florida room and came back into the living room.

DOLCE and COOKIE weren’t as scary now. And there was a nice warm chair with a new red blanket to lie on.

The BONNIEPERSON said, “Tomorrow you’re going to see the NICEVET to see how you are and if you have a microchip. You’re such a sweet dog, you must belong to someone. Then we’ll see about getting you groomed.”

She spent the night in the nice, warm bed, her belly full, near COOKIE AND DOLCE, whom she realized was just curious and wouldn’t bother her. The BONNIEPERSON said, “We have to give you a name. Let’s call you Lady.”

Lady the dog slept that night in the soft bed knowing she was warm and no one would hurt her or yell at her, make her shiver in the cold. As she fell asleep, her tail wagged. Christmas promised to be good.

At last, she was safe.

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