Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Romance titles that will never make it

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for friends, family, rollover minutes, Dh cooking the turkey so I won't set the oven on fire, my pets, job, house, and being an author.

In view of the last, here's a little something to lighten your week. Romance titles that will never make it...

Romance Novel Titles that will never make it

My Meh Lover
The Highlander’s Halitosis
To Catch an STD
Then Came You, and 9 months later came Baby John
Taming the Accountant
Almost a Virgin
The Rake’s Hoe
An Unexpected Disappointment
Seducing the Mailman
Simply Average
The Duke of Pox
Lord of Sweat
His Every Flatulence
The Passion of Herman
And... making fun of my own recent release, and my December anthology...

Immortal Badger
Holiday Dinner with a Vampire

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