Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The baby died

Got word that Jasmin, the baby pictured here, has died.

I'm not surprised. Not even sad or numb. Just resigned. I knew she would die. The hospital in Haiti where she was lacked an incubator, hell, they didn't even have feeding tubes to keep her alive.

All they had was an IV to drip fluids into her, and a heating lamp that shone directly into the little girl's eyes.

She never had a chance.

I've added her to my "2009 Wall of Death" at work. Four children whom we've met in the field and tried to save, and failed to save. They are on a filing cabinet, staring over my shoulder. I want them over my shoulder so I can feel their painful eyes on me, watching, silently asking, "Will you forget about us? Will our deaths mean nothing?"

Today I wrote a proposal to try to get an incubator and other medical supplies for that hospital in Haiti. All I can do is try, even though some days, like today, it just isn't enough...

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