Thursday, October 22, 2009


In Haiti with a very spotty internet connection. We went to a hospital today and saw a premie, a baby born two months too early.

She was lying in a crib beneath a heating lamp, wrapped up in towels. An IV dripped fluids into her.

We gave money for the mother to take the baby to Port-au-Prince as this hospital doesn't have the equipment to deal with premies, though they have the personnel. The doctor said the baby can't be moved because she has to be kept warm or she'll die.

If she doesn't get moved to a hospital where she can be fed, since she is too weak to breastfeed, and put in an incubator, she'll die.

It's tough as wapoo, and heartbreaking to see that a child who has to struggle for life the moment she is born doesn't even have a damn chance. If only the hospital had the right equipment, if only, if only... this county is filled with too many sad "if only's."

I wish I could find the ventilator, incubator, feeding tube and other equipment they need for premies so we could send it to them.

Maybe that's just a damn pipe dream, a sad wish for now...

In the meantime, I am resigned. I know this baby is going to die. That makes four babies this year we've tried to save who have died.

Sometimes, there just are no words...


Norah Wilson said...

Oh, Bonnie, how heartbreaking!
I've heard of mothers keeping their premature babies under their shirts, against their bare skin. They can fare there as well as in an incubator, but not if they can't feed, I guess. But maybe that would work until the baby could be transported?
This is so heartbreaking. I don't know how you endure it and keep going back.

Gillian Layne said...

Bonnie, I'm so sorry. I am thankful you are making the outside world aware of this tragedy.