Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day Hunk and excerpt

Busy week, have to have a medical procedure tomorrow so for today I'm posting a pix for Hump Day Hunk of how I envisioned Raphael from IMMORTAL WOLF. This is my Nocturne that is out Oct. 1.

And here is an excerpt to go along with it! Enjoy.

Also, something cool, TIME magazine did an article on romance, and in the photo of Harlequin titles is my book, ENEMY LOVER. Woot!

Immortal Wolf, copyright 2009 by Bonnie Vanak

He advanced, his body tensing with aggressive need to dominate and claim. Raphael forced himself to move slowly. Must not scare her. All else was forgotten, but this driving sexual need for her. Emily did not retreat.

She remained motionless, her hands in their ugly mustard yellow casing of gloves now shoved behind her back. He drew close enough to see a slight sprinkling of ginger freckles on her delicate, upturned nose. Close enough to count the light gold lashes feathering her large eyes, see the swirls of green in the irises shift to blue, and then deep violet.

Raphael blinked. Her eyes changed color?

And then she parted her lips and lifted her face to him, like a daisy eager for the sun’s caressing rays, and he forgot about everything but fusing his mouth to hers.
His hand gently caressed her soft cheek. Raphael cupped her face and kissed her, feeling the electric shock between them as their lips touched.

Emily sighed into his mouth and closed her eyes. He did as well, tasting her, his blood roaring through his veins, his body humming like a live current. She was of the earth and nature, pure as a crystal stream, and he ached to dive into her, plunder her sweet, innocent depths with his hardened body, let her know a male’s driving passion while awakening her own.

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Mary Ricksen said...

WOW! That was fantastic imagery! Whew, just wonderful! Gotta read this one.