Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Filling the well

Now that I'm off deadline, I'm concentrating on filling the well, as Julia Cameron puts it. Reading The Artist's Way. I have the book open on my desk, my CLEAN desk, and read a little each morning before heading off to work.

So what did I do this weekend to replenish my creativity and get my muse inspired?

I cleaned out the linen closet.

I can actually find towels now, instead of putting out an APB when guests come over to use the hot tub. I think Elvis may have been living in said closet.

I also cleaned up the computer room. It feels wonderful to walk in here and see a real room! Instead of a jumbled mess. It's my space for getting away from it all, when the weather is still hot, like it is now.

Also going to catch up on reading. What a luxury!

Got some very nice reviews for Enemy Lover. I'll post in a separate blog entry.

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