Monday, April 10, 2006

FINISHED The Sword & the Sheath!!


Book will be mailed today to my editor. I'm giddy with relief. And sad. Always get sad when I finish a book, like saying good-bye to friends. I really, really like this one... Tarik and Fatima are so well matched, and the struggles she faces between being a warrior and keeping her feminity are fascinating.

Now Blair has edits for her werewolf book due to her editor at Ellora's Cave. Will tackle those this week.

More good news...six months after Hurricane Wilma toppled a tree onto our house, WE ARE FINALLY GETTING A NEW ROOF! yay!!! They expect to start in the next 7 days. The contractors are tearing out the Florida room as I write this, and hopefully we will have a new Florida room in the next 2 months as well!

I love happy endings, both in romance and real life.

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Mary Stella said...

Way to go, Bonnie, both on finishing your book and getting the roof repaired!!