Monday, July 23, 2018

New book!

TAKEN BY MOONLIGHT, my reverse harem werewolf tale, is available for pre-order for August! I delayed the release in order to make it a longer book. 

They bought her virginity for one enchanting night in their bed. They never told her they want to claim her forever.

Psychic Peyton struggles each day to cope with the drudgery of work and routine, except for the nights when she moonlights as a mood bouncer at an upscale gentlemen’s club for shifters. Denied a promotion that will give her the bonus she desperately needs to pay off a debt, she sells her virginity at auction. She finds herself in the arms of the winner - ruthless, powerful alpha wolf Dante Carrington, who shares his prize with his sexy beta wolves - bad boy biker Gabriel and sensitive poet Alexander. They want more than to ravish Peyton’s virgin body for one night. They want to claim her body, heart and soul.

When loan sharks threaten Peyton, Dante whisks her away in his limo to his pack’s private ranch to keep her safe. Dante, Alex and Gabriel are determined to protect Peyton and seduce her until she submits to them … and her own desires. They will take her hard and take her gentle, coaxing her to the heights of a pleasure she has never known. But Peyton is human and knows the rugged world of shifters can be dangerous. Torn between the erotic world she’s plunged into and the familiar, safe surroundings of the human lifestyle, she must choose between listening to her head or following her heart. Because everyone knows when you play with wolves you risk getting hurt… forever. 

Here's a sample:

Taken by Moonlight copyright 2018 Bonnie Vanak

“Do I hear five thousand?”
          Someone must have raised their card because the auctioneer nodded. “Five thousand. Do I hear ten?”
          I glanced downward and saw Dante sitting front and center. His gaze met mine; calm, thoughtful, assessing. And then he took a blush pink rose from the centerpiece, inhaled it.
Stunned, I watched him leave the table and walk over the stage. He reached up, handing me the rose.
          “For the beautiful lady,” he said in a deep, distinctive voice.
          I was beautiful?
          I glanced down at him. He rested his hand on the stage. “Don’t be scared, Peyton. You are beautiful.”
          Something flickered in his dark gaze. “I want you,” he murmured.
          Then he resumed his seat.
          The most powerful alpha wolf in the room wanted me. Me, Peyton with the wide hips and the human blood.
          Confidence filled me. I can do this.
          Dante resumed his seat, the glass of whiskey on the table. He and his betas looked at me, but not with the cynicism on the faces of the other males.
          Anticipation filled their expression as they leaned forward."

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! It will be made available on all platforms - NOOK, Kobo, Apple and Google in three months. 

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