Sunday, January 31, 2016

What goes up must go down...the drain...

I'm working on revisions for Navy Seal Seduction and finishing a proposal for the next romantic suspense for Harlequin. My editor liked NSS, which was great news! That book was a tough one to write, as it was my first romantic suspense. I usually have elements of suspense in my books, either historical or paranormal, but this was my first straight RS book.

I'm so happy that I finished the book and all looks well. It was a big challenge to write during the holidays, as the week of  Christmas we had a huge, huge problem...

We had a flood in our master bathroom a few days before Christmas and discovered mold growing between the walls backing up to our kitchen. Black mold. Lots of it. We had to hire a mold mitigation contractor, put in an insurance claim, and move out of the house.

The contractor did a great job removing the mold. It's been unsettling going back and forth from our temporary living quarters to the house, but the most important thing is our health. The black mold was causing us to cough, wheeze and get ill. And we never even knew it was there.

All this was caused by a rusty, leaking drain. We had no idea this could happen. But it was the original tub, and rusted out at the bottom. Since the tub was installed 30 years ago, and not properly sealed, it was only a matter of time.

Regarding book news, soon as I turn in my RS proposal, I will focus on finishing Tristan's book. The Mating Season needs about 10,000 more words. I have a cover as well, which I will show in another blog post. When The Mating Season is done, I'll hire a professional editor. All my indie books are professionally edited. I am a seasoned author, but writers need editors! It's hard to edit your own work because you are often too close to it.

Well, back to work for now. I'll touch base again soon. Happy reading!

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