Thursday, September 17, 2015

Waiting, new short story

WAITING is a new short story in my Werewolves of Montana series. It is about Aiden and Tristan and if you plan to read The Mating Challenge, which is out October 1, this story will enhance your reading experience. I am offering this story as a free download on the Members Only section of my website. 

Tired of waiting for The Mating Challenge, a fierce competition among male werewolves for the right to mate with Nikita Blakemore, alpha Lupine Aiden Mitchell decides to he will wait no more. He will force her into declaring a date for the Challenge, and he will win, no matter what the cost. Aiden does not realize that the woman he desires is Nikita’s twin sister, Nia. 

The real Nikita wants nothing to do with Aiden, especially since she started experiencing sensual dreams of another man. The dreams are becoming more intense, and so are the feelings she has for the mysterious lover who visits her each night. Little does she know that in shadows the powerful Silver Wizard waits as well. Tristan is determined to claim Nikita for himself and fulfill the prophecy to make her his bride… 

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