Wednesday, July 08, 2015

New dragon story, coming soon.

Temptation, Mating Mini #5, will be out soon. I will have it available soon for pre-order and will post the links when they are live. If you've read Redemption, Mating Mini #4, this is Sebastian the dragon's story.

Got fire? Sebastian Kane does, and he's raring to use it on a pretty dragon shifter he must train. Problem is, Skylar Moore doesn't realize she's a dragon. She thinks she's human. Although she thinks Sebastian is a smokin' hot hunk who ignites her libido, the idea of her being a fanged, fire-breathing dragon is a little too much to take, even with a shot or ten of Tequila from the bar where she works.

Not only is Skylar a dragon, she's a rare Jewel, whose scales will be real diamonds. Skylar is the missing princess of a dragon clan and it's Sebastian's job to return her safely back to her people. There's a pack of greedy hyenas howling to kill her so they can get rich from selling her scales. Sebastian has his hands full training this pretty, curvy dragon, and keeping her safe from those who would harm her, while fighting the temptation to call her his own.

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