Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obsession is now available!

Raphael is an obsessed alpha werewolf with one thing on his mind - to claim Jessica, the one who threatens his pack's safety. 

Excerpt from Obsession
copyright 2015 by Bonnie Vanak

All of these males wanted one thing only. Her. And it wouldn’t turn out nicely. Most of the time, males treated a female with utter deference and gentleness, but in a bar filled with lusty Lupines …
Jessica hugged her purse to her chest. “Maybe next century, cowboy.”

“Maybe now,” he said loudly. “Maybe right now, against the wall, hard and fast.” He ran his gaze over her, appraising and appreciative.
A cold shiver snaked down her spine. Low growls rippled through the room. They eyed her as if she were steak, and were very hungry. Jessica lifted her chin. “Back off,” she told him.
But he did not move, only kept staring at her. And then she caught Raphael’s spicy, fragrant scent. He came from the direction of the kitchen, his manner aggressive.
“Jessica,” he said in a deep voice. “Stay there.”
Raphael vaulted over the bar and got close to the aggressive male. “She’s mine.” He growled deep and pinned a hard stare on the other male.
Finally the guy dropped his gaze submissively.
“Go back to your seat.”
The cowboy did.
The power of a natural alpha. Raphael flexed his fingers and his claws unsheathed. “If anyone takes a step closer to her,” he thundered, “you deal with me. There’s some females arriving shortly from another pack. They’re all looking for a good time. I suggest you wait…”
He ran a clawed hand across the closest table, gouging the wood. “Unless you’d like me to carve my name on your a**.”
Murmurs threaded through the room, but everyone dropped their gazes, suddenly interested in their drinks.
Jessica’s heart beat faster as Raphael slid into the stool beside her. “Thanks,” she whispered.

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