Friday, March 15, 2013

The Proposition by Jennifer Lyon

Hi everyone, meet the fabulously talented JENNIFER LYON, who wrote a really yummy book called THE PROPOSITION. I asked Jennifer to guest blog about her book. Be sure to check out the link at the end for more info!

Thank you, Bonnie, for having me here today! THE PROPOSITION is the first book in my Plus One Chronicles series. This is an idea that has percolated in my mind for years. But after living through my son’s injury that has forever changed his life, Kat and Sloane exploded fully formed in my mind and demanded to have their story told. I set aside everything else I was working on to give these two characters the story they deserve.

This is a quick blurb of the story:

Ex-Ultimate Fighter Sloane Michaels has a dark agenda. Kat Thayne just wants to hide behind the light, sweet creations at her bakery. When a dangerous, sexy proposition brings them together, will Sloane chose vengeance or passion?

And here is one of my favorite scenes between Kat and Sloane from THE PROPOSITION:

“What did you want to talk to me about?”
     “Us.” He scooped up his fork and sank it into the piece of cake.
     She leaned back, needing distance. Okay, yeah, she felt the attraction. Maybe he did too. But Kat wasn’t going there. The last time she’d been with a man sexually, five years ago, she’d had a panic attack. “I don’t date.”
     He smiled. “Convenient. Neither do I. No time, no interest.”
     Then what did he want? She was ready to demand an answer when Sloane lifted the fork laden with coffee cake, parted his full lips and slid the bite into his mouth. Then he pulled the fork out, slowly, as if he couldn’t bear to miss a morsel. His eyes went dusky, deepening from tawny to rich sienna.
     That sound, low and vibrating, speared through her. Tension tugged at her belly and chased out her ability to breathe. Sloane eased the fork back into his mouth as if he couldn’t bear to stop tasting the treat, his stare consumed her with the same ardor he applied to eating her cake.
     She pressed forward, wrapping her hands around her coffee, desperate to touch…something. God, for years her desire had been mostly dormant, and she’d poured her passion into baking.
     But this man, Sloane, was destroying her with one touch of his hand and one bite of her coffeecake. Jesus. She clamped her jaw, refusing to ask him if he liked it.
     He lowered his fork to his plate and leaned in.
     It took every speck of muscle control she had to keep from tilting toward him.
     Then he said, low and slow, “Like tasting sin.”
     Wet heat slid down her belly until she shifted in her chair. She had to get control of this situation. Making herself sit back and stop acting like she was in search of an orgasm, she said, “Why are you here, Sloane? Stop playing, I don’t have the time for games.”
     “I want to see you, Kat.”
     She sucked in a breath. “You just said you don’t date.”
     “I don’t.” He took a sip of his coffee. “I plus-one.”
     She was familiar with the concept of plus-one, but not his context. “That differs from dating how?”
     “I’m busy. I don’t have time for complicated relationships and expectations.” His voice was pure business, then downshifted into a husky note. “But I like sex.”
     “Huh, who would have guessed?” He oozed sex and danger like other men sweat.
     “But I do have a lot of social obligations. It’s simpler to find a woman I have chemistry with and make her an offer. She’ll attend functions with me as needed. In return, I’ll give her something she wants. And we have sex.”

You can read more about THE PROPOSITION on here, and don’t forget to take a peek at the sizzling book trailer while you’re there! 

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