Monday, April 08, 2013

New release! The Patriot's Conquest

My original, new historical, THE PATRIOT'S CONQUEST, is now available! This is the book of my heart that I wrote years ago, after the horrific events of Sept. 11. I usually use writing as an escape from trauma, and the terror attacks of that day affected me deeply. So I traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia and decided to throw myself into my country's history, and write a book about the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

The result was a book called The Lady & the Patriot. The hero was a handsome, dashing patriot pitted against a lovely British woman spying on him. 

I loved this book, but the time period was all wrong for many publishers. So I set it aside, and last year, dusted it off, heavily edited it, then gave it to a freelance editor.

The result is a new book called THE PATRIOT'S CONQUEST. 

Is the red-headed beauty who appears through the smoke in a blacksmith’s shop forged from a dream, or Jeffrey Clayton’s worst nightmare? An avid patriot aiding the colonies in the cause of freedom, Jeffrey knows Amanda Reeves is spying on him. He has vowed to never fall in love again after his fiancĂ©e betrayed him to the British. But the bewitching, fiery Amanda threatens to weaken his resolve. If he doesn’t tread carefully, Jeffrey could face worse than losing his heart — he could hang for sedition.

Amanda Reeves craves acceptance among the gentry, but a debt of her father’s threatens to send her family into the almshouse. If she finds evidence of Clayton’s treason against the Crown, the governor will forgive the debt and introduce her into society. But the handsome, dashing Jeffrey is a dangerous rogue, for he incites the very passion that caused her to flee her beloved England in disgrace. The prim and proper Amanda finds herself helpless to resist his advances, even as she fights the desire he arouses.

Amid the rumblings of revolution stirring sleepy Williamsburg, Amanda and Jeffrey surrender to the burning attraction flaring between them. But as sensual passion sparks into an inferno, an enemy lies in wait to trap Jeffrey, and will stop at nothing but his death . . .

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