Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cover for The Mating Hunt

Here's the cover for The Mating Hunt, book 2 in the Werewolves of Montana erotic romance series.

I'm making good progress on writing this book, which will be much longer than The Mating Chase.

Right now, there are five books planned. They are in order:

The Mating Chase (Dale and Beth)
The Mating Hunt  (Kyle and Arianna)
The Mating Ritual (this will be another short, Darius' story)
The Mating Challenge (Aiden's story)
The Mating Season

I am hoping to have The Mating Hunt released in June. Unfortunately, I fell behind the anticipated schedule because of travel and an increased work load at the day job. But I made the decision to write the best book possible, and not rush The Mating Hunt. Instead, I'm reshaping it into a much better, tighter story with more emotion, action and adventure, and of course, lots of romantic love! 

Here are the links to The Mating Chase, the first story in the series. Happy reading, everyone!

Link to Amazon

Link to All Romance ebooks (epub format)

Link to Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Link to Smashwords

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