Wednesday, December 07, 2011

In memory of our Tia

Tia, our beloved Shih Tzu, died Dec. 7, 2006. She had liver cancer. She was a wonderful dog and a friend as well. Miss you, sweetie. I hope all dogs do go to heaven, because you sure deserve to be there. 

Tia, Christmas 2004


azteclady said...

All dogs do go to heaven, and Tia is probably helping decorate it for the season.

My own beloved Laika passed on on December 19 2008. Like you, I miss her so much.

Sharmayne said...

So sorry to hear about Tia, I totally understand as we have had 3 of our beloved dogs pass away over the last 15 mths due to old age. I'm sure Tia is in doggy heaven with lots of new friends.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Azteclady. I'm sorry about your Laika. Once a special pet enters your life, you never forget them.

Thanks Sharmayne. I'm so sorry about all your dogs passing! That's a huge loss. Hang in there.

YelenaC said...

I'm sorry about Tia. My husband and I believe that all of our pets here on earth are angels sent to watch over us and comfort us, and then they get to go back to heaven. I've lost a few beloved pets so I know the pain of it.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Thanks Yelena. I think you and your husband are right.