Friday, December 01, 2006

Life goes on

Feeling better now, maybe a little more cynical and weary. Life goes on, she's dead, there's no use in thinking about it anymore. Haiti is practically dangerous as Iraq these days. Friends worrying about stepping outside their own front doors and getting kidnapped. Tortured. Killed after the ransom is paid. Gruesome stories too graphic to tell about here. Sad sad sad.

So what do I do? Quit my job? Doing something is better than doing nothing. Maybe I'm a fool, and some might think me so, but I can't stop NOT caring. It's a part of me. I just have to learn to insulate myself better, corral my emotions so they don't leave me drained and weary when something like this happens again. Because it will. I'm sure of it.

I took a day off as a mental health day and went shopping for our trip next weekend. Bought a winter jacket, sweaters. Felt good to think about getting away to a place that's frozen outside, not inside. It's been a hellish week, and some family health problems popped up today like a jack-in-the-box. Hopefully nothing serious.

In the meantime, finished page proofs YAY on The Sword & the Sheath and will mail those out Monday. This book is loaded with sex. My eyes popped out at some scenes. Forgotten I had written that. Sure sign of stress, when there's sex you've totally forgotten about, lol

In other news I heard a Colorado congressman said Miami is like a Third World country because of immigration problems. Thought about writing to said congressman and suggesting to him that Ferfe's DH can solve Florida's immigration problems if he got laid more often. Hee hee.

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