Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Donald gets cited over his big pole

Feeling melancholy about Tia today. I really miss her. DH and I had a fairly good Christmas… a friend came over after church and we toasted the day in the hot tub with mimosas. Fil came over for dinner and later we saw the light show at a local park. Tiger is still not eating great, but we’re trying to pamper him.

So to cheer myself up, I searched for interesting news headlines…

Man stops robbery by telling teenage punk, “For Christ's sake, it's Christmas!!!” Wonder if shouting out, “It’s Festivus!!” would have had the same effect.

Castro is just having digestive problems, a Spanish doc insists. Happens all the time when you’re dead, I guess.

The Donald forgets his feud with Rosie over suing the town of Palm Beach for $10 million because they cited him for flying too big of a flag. The town also said the Donald’s pole was too big. They really wanted to cite him for having bad hair on a windy day, but town fathers couldn’t find such an ordinance in the books.

The Humane Society of Jefferson County is selling calendars featuring naked women and animals. Miss December is featured nude, holding a very strategically placed pussy over her… breasts. A library last year featured nude librarians holding oversized books over their exposed body parts. I’d like to see an all-male librarian calendar of cute bibliophiles. Maybe one holding “Hannibal Rising” over his male part. Hmmmm. Fund “raising” idea for next year?


Janet said...

"I’d like to see an all-male librarian calendar of cute bibliophiles."

The Texas Library Association made a calendar for 2007 called The Men of Texas Libraries. Can't guarantee the level of "hotness", though, as I have not seen it.



Bonnie Vanak said...

OMG Janet, that calendar is a hoot! LOL! Thanks for the laugh!