Friday, December 29, 2006


Yesterday was tough. Very tough. I've lost loved ones, friends, but never a dog. Tia's death has hit me hard with grief as much as losing my mom did. I guess some people would scoff at that. Already someone told us, "It's just a dog."

No, she was part of our family, our daily routine, our lives. She gave love unconditionally.

Writing was near impossible, both at work and home. I felt like a zombie. At home, I tried to coax Tiger into playing with his toys. He actually did for two minutes, and things felt "normal." Then he stopped, stood still and looked around, again, as if feeling something was missing.

It was. Tia.

He ran off under the bed again and I felt like crying all over.

So I watched Africam. A watering hole on a game preserve that's viewed via webcam and streaming video. There was no action last night. But just seeing it made me feel peaceful. I don't know why. Today's action has featured gazelles and geese.

You can catch it here. Africam.

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KeeWee said...

Oh Bonnie..what a ***hole that person was to say Tia was just a dog...I guess they never experienced unconditional love before....a fluffy soft wonderful kind of love!! I still cry over my 1st little boy, Fred. A totally black cat who slept with me at night and always had to have his paw on me as we slept...I still miss him terribly and that was over 7 years ago...It's ok to grieve, you have true feelings dear!!