Saturday, November 18, 2006

Writing & stuff

Erased yesterday's blog because it made me too sad. Tia is back to "herself" today, and it's a gorgeous 72 degrees out. She explored in the back yard, and then, nosy dog, wandered into the garage when I fiddled with the sprinklers, but I did NOT see her do this. Finally got the controls to work, switched off the light and closed the door. Headed to my Florida room (yay, I have my writing room back!) to write on the laptop and I hear this faint...


Ignore it, keep writing and it's there again. Get up and look all over the house for Tia. Calling for her. Tiger is on the bed in the computer room, dozing.

There it is again. RUUUFFFF!

She's locked in the garage. Open the door and she sprongs out, wagging her tail.

Good writing news abounds in blog land. Fefe labat is over her writing funk, glad to see. Fellow Dorchester author Carolyn Jewel (Crimson City series) sold two books to Warner (yay!) And of course everyone knows by now that Anne Stuart made the NY Times list with Cold as Ice. I have finally, Black Ice, in my hands to read but have to get pages done first.

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