Saturday, September 18, 2004


Looks like we are out of the CONE OF DOOM for Jeanne. Hooray. I'm turning off all weather related media and concentrating on revisions for THE COBRA & THE CONCUBINE. Researching camel racing. Bedouin coffee ceremonies. Stuff you wouldn't find in the tropics. Had a few moments of panic last night when the computer ate a whole chapter of revisions. That ungodly scream heard up to New York was me. Fortunately, the floppy disk worked on the dinosaur of a laptop I still have. Sometimes the old computers are better than the new technology. Trying to get revisions done before I leave for Haiti next Sunday. Liking the changes I'm seeing. Khepri, my hero, is shown drastically different in his role as a Khamsin warrior than later when he becomes duke. What a change. Great conflict. He's torn up about leaving the only family he's ever really known, the culture and traditions that are not of his blood, but his upbringing. But in the end, he leaves gladly, not looking back after the only woman he's ever wanted rejects him. Sniff, sniff. I felt so sorry for him and went "awwww" when I read that last sentence. That's a good sign, when I feel that little jerk of emotion while reading.

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