Thursday, September 16, 2004

What the *&#&*@#&????!!!

Okay, where did THAT come from? We dodged Ivan, and now Jeanne is out there? AGAIN, we are in the Official Cone of Doom on the weather blips. The Death Star is circling near us again and forecasters are droning, "It may come to Florida. Too soon to tell. Have a nice day." There's one computer model having it buzzsaw right up our coast? HUH? Oh joy!

So worried about Mobile and other areas slammed by Ivan. Nasty storm. Nasty. All these hurricanes hanging around us. I'm beginning to feel like Typhoid Mary. Hurricane Bonnie. Oh wait. I was a hurricane this year. A tropical storm. Little pissant thing that barely puffed. Uh huh.

Frank still has to retrieve the plywood from the condo. I think we're both still so tired we don't want to think about hurricane stuff anymore. I sold my shingle on eBay for nearly $18. Shocker. Maybe after this hurricane season is finally over, I'll have other bits and pieces of the house for sale on eBay, lol. Going to Haiti in another week. Looking to have revisions done on the new book by then. Writing about my Egyptian heroine and cute, hunky hero is far more fun than watching the Weather Channel. Or trying to figure out how much the Larry, Curly and Mo homeowners insurance company is going to jack up my insurance rates. Or thinking about what I need should another storm hit us. I mean, do I really have enough deodorant to last through hurricane season? Important consideration. Must check this out.

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