Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What day is it?

Came into work today and asked my boss, "What day is it?" Still dazed on the time and day. And we didn't even suffer much damage, not like those in St. Lucie and Martin. Last night I told Frank no more watching the weather channel. Can't handle it. Instead we hit the hot tub. 104 degrees. I watched my skin prune and it felt good.

Still upset about Jamaica. Our team is trying to get down there today. At least the Jamaica office (I hear) can get into Portland Cottage and distribute food. Haiti trip is back on. Going in two weeks. Haiti, which used to be the worst place to go, is now the best. Go figure. Grenada is a mess. Flattened. 80 percent of the homes gone. People sleeping in their cars. Ivan heading for the Gulf Coast. Worried about friends there. A 25 foot storm surge? After seeing what the storm surge did to Jamaica, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. All I can do is pray.

Some things are back to normal. Saw another dumptruck picking up hurricane debris from area. Felled trees are gone from Publix parking lot. And evil-mouthed parrot still in the spare room today told me, "F**k you" Never thought it would be a relief to be cussed at by the bird. I think he knows I threatened to tie him to tree branch during the hurricane if he continued to be nasty to me. I was only kidding. Was I?


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