Friday, September 10, 2004


Too tired last night to shop for hurricane food. DH and I went out to a real restaurant last night, had rum runners and then came home and watched a movie. Went to bed at 9:30. Thinking about getting some canned Spam if power goes out again. The real stuff. Used to love it. Fried, cold out of the can, it was good stuff. Have tons of cyber spam. I wish these people would get a life. Don’t they realize I have better things to do and besides, I do NOT have the male parts they insist I need to enlarge? I do not care to stiffen or elongate or impress women with or smash into a wall a male part I DO NOT HAVE!

Looks now like Ivan may hit the west coast of Florida. Too hard to tell. I don’t like the computer models sending it right at Florida. But tomorrow is Saturday, I think (one thing about hurricanes, they screw up your sense of time). We need to do something fun. Ride the bikes in a public park. Splash each other in the hot tub. Rake up a big pile of hurricane debris and jump into it like autumn leaves. Ouch!

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