Saturday, September 04, 2004

Report from the storm

Well, Frances is here. Like an unwanted house guest, she's tossing her head around and being obnoxious, but thankfully, the winds have died down to 105 mph. Lots of gusts, but not much else. Yet. Power went off, working off the laptop. Friends who evacuated from West Palm are here as is my FIL. Dh is at the hospital, working hard as the power keeps going on and off. He'll stay there through the night. The biggest problem with this storm is its size. Size of texas. They say it will take five hours for the eyewall to pass over us. FIVE hours! sheesh! we have our hurricane supplies, candles, flashlights, etc. Ironically, FIL's house still has power and he's over closer to the ocean. Maybe he paid his bill? lol!

Worst part of the hurricane is waiting, waiting waiting. This storm was supposed to hit Friday and it's Saturday and now not supposed to be over with until mid Sunday. Yikes. Some Labor Day weekend. Tuesday I am supposed to fly out to Haiti. Don't know if that is still on as I'm sure the airlines will be backed up for a long time. And now it looks like Tropical Storm Ivan is out there, and could hit Haiti by the end of next week. Sigh... I love the tropics.

The dogs are pretty quiet, which is good, but Tia keeps bugging my friends' sons as they are playing checkers. She's watching. Tiger is lying down, seeming mellow right now. My neighbors have a generator. I can hear it running. I hate them, lol.

Did find out that the shutters we have, the ones with the ridges, are supposeably the best. That makes me feel better. Friend came over Thursday to help put them up as DH was still working. We had a glass of wine and said, "To the crystal! May it survive the hurricane."

What can you do but laugh and try to make the best of it? At least the storm is not as windy as it once was, and for that, I can take power outages and being hot inside the shuttered house. It just makes you more grateful for electricity.

Oh, in the midst of all this, I forgot the news. I sold another book! Cobra and the Concubine is supposed to be out in May of next year. I really like this story. It's Khepri and Badra's story and is pretty sensual. Takes place partly in England and partly in Egypt. More later. The dog wants to play. MUST KEEP DOG AMUSE. HEY I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS. I CAN'T SHUT THIS ALL CAPS OFF. I'M WRITING IN THE DARK. HEY THIS IS COOL I LOOK LIKE I'M SHOUTING TO BE IMPORTANT, LIKE THE REPORTERS STANDING ON THE BEACH SCREAMING AS THE WIND TOSSES THEM BACK AND FORTH. HA HA!

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