Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Post hurricane stress & editing

Got little work on revisions done last night due to post-traumatic hurricane stress problems at home. Frank kept asking, “What’s that smell? It’s coming from beneath the cabinets.” He pulled out the dishwasher and found water! Came from the freezer after it defrosted during Hurricane Frances. He had to chip out all the rotted wood and remove the cabinet bottoms to get at the water to dry it out.

I never even thought of the freezer pan overflowing. So there we are last night. Me on the laptop, trying to get revisions done. Him chipping and pounding at the rotting wood. Like this:

Me, writing: “Mesmerized by the tenderness on his face, she leaned close.”

Him: WHAM, BAM!!!

Me, writing: “Badra reached up and for the first time since she had been enslaved, willingly touched a man.”

Him: WHAM BAM, "&#@&*# cabinets!"

Me, writing: “Khepri groaned deeply and pulled away.”

Him: WHAP WHAP, BAM BAM, “Hey Bonnie, will homeowners insurance pay for this?”

Me, closing the laptop, laughing hysterically for five minutes: “Ha ha ha! Ah, no. Our homeowners insurance will cover catastrophic damage, like a cow falling through the roof or the whole house being sucked up into a tornado like Dorothy’s but not the cabinets being replaced. And I think we have a $1.5 million deductible, so forget it.”


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