Sunday, September 19, 2004

Neurotic rants

Okay, I've decided I don't like the new chapter I wrote for COBRA. Then I liked it. Now I don't know. Maybe the one brain cell left after this hurricane business is gasping for air. I should leave it, and move on. You know, like a lost relationship.The chapter, not the brain cell.

Chris, the other writer from work, stopped by to drop off his tape of the Jamaica trips. OMG, it's so sad. He told me how he talked to the family who lost their two kids in Ivan. The mother held the baby in her arms as they tried to escape the rising flood waters. The waters reached past her head and she was grasping onto her husband, the baby still in her arms. The baby drowned, as did another child the husband held. OMG, it's horrible... so horrible.

Must continue with revisions. Romance is better than sad stories of drowning children. This book DOES have a happy ending. Even my neurotic I HATE IT I LOVE IT I HATE IT ramblings will not change that.

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