Sunday, September 26, 2004

My dog is stoned

Tia is looking at me woozily, like, "Oh wow, I see colors, dude." Gave her a doggie prozac last night. No choice. Winds from Hurricane Jeanne were kicking butt at the front door. Each time the wind moaned and howled, Tia lifted her canine voice in a chorus of song. She barked. She howled back. Spooked the heck out of me, esp. since it was me, the dogs and the bird. Frank had to work at the hospital.

Very, very lucky. No real damage, again!!! But for MORE roof shingles. Bit by bit, our roof is peeling apart. BUT we still have power! Hooray!!!! It flicked at 8 p.m. then sputtered and died. And I thought, "Thar she blows." But came back on again.

So I sat through Hurricane Jeanne's 71-mph winds we got here in Deerfield Beach, and I edited COBRA. No time to get to post office yesterday before hurricane hit, and it was closed anyway. During the worst of the winds last night, I'm sitting there, editing a love scene.

ME, typing: "His naked flesh felt torturously hot..."

Hurricane Jeanne outside: OOOOOOOOOOOOO

ME, typing: "Kenneth curled a rock solid arm around her waist, as if to brace her for what was to come"

Hurricane Jeanne, outside: HOWL, OOOOOOOOO, MOANNNNNNN
Tia dog: RUFF, RUFF, RUFF!!

Me, typing: "So hot, oh, she was fire, burning, needing him"

Hurricane Jeanne, outside: OOOOOOOOOOO

Sigh. FOURTH hurricane to hit Florida in six weeks. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! My heart goes out to the people of the treasure coast. Still debris from Frances around and they had to suffer a direct hit! Is it over yet? Frank and I boarded the condo yesterday, well, he did it, I held the plywood, and he shuttered the house and I filled up the tub (again!!) and dumped out the icemaker and ...etc., etc., etc.

Tomorrow I leave for Haiti, where this storm killed more than 1,500 people. Haiti is a living hell right now, they say. I'm kinda dreading this trip. I know what I will see there. And that makes today a little more special. To sit here in my solid home, with POWER, with insurance (crappy as it is) and no losses, I feel blessed. Truly, I do. To have missed a direct hit from FOUR hurricanes in six weeks...

Next time, I may not be so lucky.

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