Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hurricane Frances

Ok, no reason to panic. Just because Hurricane Frances is wider than the whole state of Florida and is packing winds up to 150 mph and is heading our way, why panic? No need to become frazzled. Just relax, amble to the grocery for last minute preparations, get home and then panic.

The house already looks like a hurricane swept through it. Clothes needing to be sorted, stuff that’s unpacked still lying about. I have to finish unpacking everything so I can a) wait for the hurricane to blow us to kingdom come, wherever that is (Yeehaw Junction?) b) Pack for my Haiti trip next week.

And now I find out DH has to work during the hurricane. Wonderful. I’ll be all alone if this hits us. With two terrified dogs and a cranky parrot. I have visions of said parrot warbling, “Hey the roof is going. Aflack!”

I realize how little I’ve done for hurricane season. I don’t have a waterproof container. All this time I’ve been feeling smug about our fireproof safe. Uh-huh. Little good it will do in a flood. I must get a waterproof container. I must get more food. I must start thinking about moving back to New Jersey.

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