Thursday, September 09, 2004


Am beginning to feel more normal. Sleeping at last. But Ivan is a definite threat. We are in the Official Cone of Doom on the tracking maps. Hey we haven’t had a hurricane in how long? ONE WHOLE WEEK??! Ivan has cleared his schedule to visit Florida. What is this? Who put out the Welcome Mat? Someone tell Ivan to take a hike. Go somewhere else. The North Pole would be nice. Hey, they never have hurricanes. Yeah, Ivan, go snarl around Santa Claus. Beat up the old guy with the big belly. He’s got Rudolph’s red nose, which doesn’t need to run on a generator.

I have to run to WalMart to restock batteries. And food. What kind of food is best for noshing while a Category Five hurricane blows away your house? Already they are evacuating the Keys of tourists. Our office in Jamaica, will it survive? What will Ivan’s 160 mph winds do to all the poor people living in wooden shacks? Listened to an official yesterday from Grenada tell us at the office how the island was “destroyed.” She said they had no water, food for one more day, and 80 percent of the homes were flattened. Now Ivan is heading for Jamaica. And if Ivan buzzsaws through our area? How are we supposed to help the Caribbean if we have hurricane damage as well?

Can’t think about it. Not now. Instead I’ll focus on something else. Did put my roof shingle for sale on eBay. One bid for .99 cents. Don’t think I’ll get enough money to fix the roof, but it’s worth a laugh. Hey after Ivan, might have my whole house for sale on eBay. What’s left of it.

Trying to work on the second vampire book. Hard to concentrate. I love Jason’s character, need to flesh out Darcy. She’s a tough little thing. Very protective of her family. Jason is a vamp who runs wild. A real loner. Sexy. I was going to do a synopsis last night, but I was too scattered. I think the hurricane blew away my brain cells. Maybe I’ll post a MISSING alert or a BOLO for them. Have you seen these brain cells? They used to belong to a romance author but were blown away by hurricane. May be in Tampa Bay by now. If seen, please return to owner. She urgently needs them so she can color coordinate her socks.

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