Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Frances going to "clobber" us

Update: Frances is still headed in our direction. Hurricane watch expected later tonight. Forecasters say, “We’re going to get clobbered.” Oh joy! Went to Winn Dixie for lunch. Beat the frenzied crowd. I got water, batteries, and many essentials, such as wine, comfort foods and lots of deodorant. Found my waterproof container, into which I shall dump everything important such as insurance papers, photos and the wine. Most of my neighbors are already shuttering their houses. I think my neighbors who like to mow the grass before a hurricane are going to leave. Yikes. We’re not even in an evacuation zone.

Had an emergency meeting at work. They’re giving us Friday off to prepare, which is very nice. List of emergency phone numbers. Friends are calling, emailing, panicking, asking for help with power tools. Poor DH is going nuts trying to board up our condo and prepare all else. I’m still heading out to Haiti Tuesday, unless we get clobbered. Even if the power goes out, I’ll probably still go. Hey, at least they’ll have a/c. What an irony. Going to one of the poorest countries in the world and they’ll have a/c and look in better shape than poor, beleaguered Florida. Go figure.

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