Thursday, September 02, 2004

Frances due to hit us

Well, we've run out of luck. It's definitely heading toward the Florida coast, it looks like we'll get hurricane force winds at the very least. Unless a last minute wobble sends it more north, we'll get slammed. I'm trying to keep a calm head, even though everyone down here is freaking out. Lines at the gas station around the corner from my house stretch out for a couple of blocks. Grocery stores are jammed. I have most of my stuff, but the house isn't shuttered yet. The bathtub leaks, so can't store water there. Have to find a way to seal it.

Preparing for a hurricane is emotionally draining and exhausting. Everyday life goes on hold. Yet the dog suddenly has a nasty eye infection. Poor Tiger is in pain. I have to rush him to the pet eye doctor this afternoon when I need to be home shuttering the house. Hopefully, Dh can make it home earlier to help. No, wait, he just called. He'll be home later and then he's going to the hospital and will stay there tomorrow all through the storm. He has to stay at the hospital during the storm in case the power goes out. He's an electrician. If something happens and the generators fail, he has to crank them up somehow. It's a hospital and peoples' lives depend on him. I would like him home, but my needs aren't as important.

I will have company ... friends staying with us and my FIL. And two terrified dogs and cranky parrot. Guess we will bring parrot in from patio. Hopefully parrot will not screech out during the worst of the hurricane, "WE ARE ALL DOOMED!" LOL!

Here's my checklist...have to run now.

Put up shutters

Bring in large trash bags from garage

Take dog to vet at 2:40 p.m.

Need extra flashlight

Bring in stuff from outside such as coconuts, patio furniture, etc.

Bring in plastic tarp (no wait, it’s under the bed)

Use thin piece of rubber to try to seal bathtub!

buy ice!

cook spaghetti and meatballs, freeze for instant meal

Take down hanging planters

Where is the water cut off? Ask Frank

Secure hot tub lid

Reading lamp in top drawer – use for reading

Charge cell

Have FIL bring over ham radio

Put duct tape over door lock to seal it from grit and dirt

Put back up disks and photos of what house looks like now, as opposed to post hurricane, in waterproof container and seal with duct tape

Have everyone staying with me know what to do if roof blows (bathroom and mattress against door deal, but how will we fit five people and two dogs into a 5x5 bathroom?)

Make large batch of rum runners


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