Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Crisis mode

Ok, now we ARE going to Gonaives, the place in Haiti where 600 people died. Oh wow, I'm not looking forward to this, but it's my job. I feel like I've been operating in crisis mode for the past month. One hurricane after another here, at home, and then at work the disasters piling up. Talked to our director in Haiti and she told me the people have NO food and NO water. Heard they are mobbing relief trucks as soon as they arrive. I remember the famine in Nicaragua and how everyone mobbed the priest's truck we were with, desperate for food. This will not be an easy trip. They're still pulling the dead out of their houses.

So now I feel a bit panicked to finish revisions before I leave. My editor was gracious enough to give me time, but it doesn't matter. Because I'll be an emotional wreck when I return. I doubt I can change gears so easily to work on romance. I mean, when I visit a town that's had a three story wall of mud slam into it, bodies of dead women and children lying about, people starving and pleading for help, and so much suffering, how can I return and write about how tormented Khepri is because he's so deeply in love with Badra? If I must, I will. I can do it. But I'd rather not test the idea. Not now.


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