Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bye bye Frances, hello Ivan? Nooooooo!!!

In denial. No, we will not get hit by Ivan. Cannot think about it. The Emergency OHCRAPWE'REGOINGTOBEHITBYAHURRICANEMUSTACT LIKE RESPONSIBLE ADULTANDNOT SCREAMIN PANIC mode is off and suddenly totally exhaustion has set in. No sleep for three days. Now Ivan lingers on the horizon, like a grinning threat. Oh dear. I feel like Rocky who climbed to the top of the stairs, crowing in victory, only to be brought down with a sucker punch. Whap!

Trip to Haiti cancelled. Fine. I can't function. I am numb, and we only have missing roof tiles. And a nasty leak in the sunroom. Others have NO power. Much worse damage. DH took me out to dinner tonight (hey look no food in the fridge, let's eat out, ok!) I had a few drinks. Saw a news article that people are selling wind from hurricane frances on ebay. I mean, HOW do you know it's the real thing? We have roof shingles that blew off. Think I might autograph one and put it for sale on ebay. What the heck. Maybe I'll start our Fix the Roof fund. If we get any bids. Or put aside the ten cents or so to buy more doggie prozac for the rest of hurricane season. I think we're going to need it.

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