Friday, August 13, 2004

Flying Bovine Watch

Today’s forecast: Windy

We’re under a severe thunderstorm watch, a flood watch, a tropical storm watch and what I call the Flying Bovine Watch. This is a tornado watch, but I’ve called it the Flying Bovine Watch ever since seeing “Twister,” and that cool scene where Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt see the airborne cow spinning about in the tornado. Not that we’d have actual Flying Bovines here. Maybe a Flying Squirrel Watch or even a Flying Tourist in Checked Pants Determined to Enjoy His Vacation Watch.

Feel like the walking (waking?) dead. Could not sleep. Squall hit about 2 a.m. and power went out. Went to kitchen to grab flashlight, dog follows me and sits expectantly at patio sliders. I look at her and say, “Huh? It’s gusting maybe 25-30 mph out there, the power is off and you have to go NOW??” Let her outside.

Comes back inside and the thunder starts just as I’m climbing back into bed. Suddenly Tia decides, “Oh dear. I’m very scared.” She jumps on the bed, climbs between us. Put her down, she crawls under the bed and starts licking the carpet. Lick, lick, lick. Don’t ask me why this makes her feel better. Finally just as DH and I are drifting off, power comes back on. So does everyone’s alarm systems in the neighborhood. I think we got two hours sleep last night. I need major zzz’s. I need to feel better. Maybe I’ll just lick the carpet.

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