Monday, August 16, 2004

Computer died

My PC is dead. Gone. Kaput. I was powering up during a brief squall Friday and we got a power surge and zzzzttt. Don’t ask me what dormant brain cell thought, “Hey, it’s a squall from Charley, let’s go on the computer!” I hauled it to the repair shop and now they have to wipe out the entire hard drive and reinstall. EXCEPT I can’t find the recovery system CD.

Why was I not born as neat and organized as my dad? My dad could organize his underwear drawer (actually, he did). He was the king of organization. He was a brilliant design engineer and very methodical. His daughter? She can’t even organize her silverware drawer. Easiest thing in the world. Spoons in one slot, forks in another, etc. And what will you find if you open that drawer? Sure enough there will be one renegade fork hanging out with the spoons, smirking like a guy who “accidentally” wandered into the ladies room.

I spent my lunch hour tearing through the computer room, tossing aside old disks, papers, manuscripts, (hey was that an eight-track tape??), CD’s in a vain effort to search for the recovery disk while our male Shih Tzu is sitting on the bed watching. Tiger had that look in his Marty Feldman eyes. We call them Marty Feldman eyes because they’re huge and sometimes look like they’re focusing in opposite directions. The look in Tiger’s eyes said, “You know, this wouldn’t happen if you were organized.” I just told Tiger, “Hey, at least I BACKED UP MY FILES SO THERE! Phhhhffft.”

It’s so frustrating and yet I had a grim reminder of how trivial this problem is. I mean, I still have the laptop. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley, I lost a computer. Big deal. In Punta Gorda, a few hours away, people lost their lives. Their homes. I saw news footage yesterday of an elderly woman sifting through her trailer, her life’s belongings scattered on the grass. She was crying. I wanted to cry along with her. That poor woman’s whole life… wrecked with the savage force of a hurricane.

So I’ll search for the recovery CD. Then I’ll organize. I’ll put all the computer CD’s into a nice box in a place where I can instantly find it. My underwear drawer. I think dad would be proud.

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